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Online Compliance Management System for Health, Safety and Environmental Law

“SpotOn” is a new generation online, interactive compliance management system, which is delightfully easy to use. It enables organizations to easily identify what they must do to maintain full compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws (“HSE laws”) and to manage the task necessary to achieve and maintain full compliance. The content is written by specialist lawyers and experts who are available to support users.

The system is organized around business activities so that users don’t need any legal knowledge to identify what they must do to comply.

The content includes continuously updated legal texts and plain language explanations of what must be done to comply with legal and other requirements when undertaking each business activity. SpotOn can generate up-to-date ISO 14001/ OHSAS 18001 compliant legal registers and HSE registers at any time. However its real value is that it will help you to protect your colleagues and our planet, will dramatically reduce the risks to your organization, and will help you sleep better at night!

Subscribers pay an annual subscription for each site and may then give an unlimited number of users access to a secure internet site.

Get to know the SpotOn system

The SpotOn system is far more than a means of producing a legal register - its real value lies in the reduction in environmental and business risk, and the peace of mind that it offers.

  • Easy to use

    Using SpotOn is easy and intuitive to use and the search facilities enable you to find precisely what you need to know. First read the plain English explanations and then access the relevant sections of the legislation with the click of a mouse.

  • Peace of mind

    Contravening the law may result in huge financial and reputational risks. A SpotOn subscription buys peace of mind because you know that a team of experts are monitoring changes in legislation, notifying you and updating your system so that you always have access to the correct information about your organization’s legal responsibilities and risks.

  • Saves time and money

    The initial set-up costs are soon recovered through lower recurrent costs. Internal and external audits can be done faster and cheaper, we can keep you updated for a fraction of what it would cost your organization to do it yourself and if you don’t understand anything a specialist lawyer will explain it to you for free!

  • Reduces business risk

    SpotOn dramatically reduces the very significant risks associated with non-compliance. Users can identify what they need to do to be compliant before they act. The organization can use the compliance management tools to identify what it must do to achieve compliance and to track the implementation of compliance measures.

  • Educates staff

    Ignorance of the law is one of the main causes of non-compliance. SpotOn users soon gain a good understanding of how to comply with the legal and other requirements that apply to them. SpotOn also enables an organization to prove that it has complied with its legal duty to take reasonable measures to educate its staff about their HSE responsibilities.

  • Protects staff from personal liability

    SpotOn gives the directors, managers and employees of an organization the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves from being held personally liable for breaches of environmental laws by the organization.

  • Unlimited Users

    We don’t charge for additional users because the more of your people that know what to do to comply the safer it is for your organization, your people and our planet.

  • Accessible on mobile devices anywhere

    SpotOn can be accessed on smart phones, tablets and any devices with internet access.

  • Secure and stable

    All communication is encrypted (using SSL) and SpotOn is hosted by a commercial datacentre with extensive back-ups and alternative power sources.

  • Tells you precisely what you need to know

    Undertaking a single business activity may require compliance with several different national, provincial and municipal laws, and other requirements, simultaneously. Simply select one of your organization’s business activities, where it happens, and what you are concerned about, click search and SpotOn will tell you all you need to know to achieve full compliance with legal and other requirements. It couldn’t be easier.

  • Expert explanations in plain language

    SpotOn explains in plain English exactly what must be done to comply with all HSE laws when performing each business activity on a site. SpotOn’s legal commentaries are written by attorneys at the leading specialist HSE law firm, Cullinan & Associates Inc. and they are available to clarify anything that you don’t understand.

  • Always up-to-date

    Laws are continuously changing. We monitor changes in all relevant legislation, update the information in SpotOn and notify you of important changes. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that what you read in SpotOn is up to date.

  • Overview of HSE risks and impacts

    SpotOn gives you a complete overview of your whole business by graphically displaying all your business activities, where they occur on your site, the aspects/hazards associated with each of them, and the impacts/risks that they may cause. Each of these is linked to the relevant legal and other requirements

  • Legal registers

    The legal register explains the law that applies to each activity on your site and the legal risks of non-compliance. Defined terms and the actual text of the relevant sections of the legislation are instantly available.

  • Plans, Action lists and Checklists

    Users can plan and monitor compliance actions by creating and scheduling tasks. “To do lists” ensure that managers keep abreast of actions required to remain in compliance. Users can attach photos and documents as proof that they have taken the necessary corrective actions. We can also create tailored legal compliance checklists to audit compliance with permits or other requirements.

The people behind SpotOn

  • Cormac Cullinan

    Cormac Cullinan


    Cormac has overall responsibility for client and partner relations, business development and innovation. Cormac is a leading environmental and green business lawyer with more than 20 years experience gained in more than 20 countries. He is dedicated to supporting clients to create the safer, healthier, and fairer world we all want by giving them affordable access to the finest expertise and cutting-edge tools. Read more

  • Sarah Kvalsvig

    Sarah Kvalsvig

    Expert Advisor and newsletter editor

    Sarah is an experienced attorney who has practised exclusively in environmental and health and safety law since 2005.  She has advised clients in a wide range of sectors and enjoys working with them to translate complex legal obligations into clear, practical steps to compliance. Sarah is also responsible for editing the monthly newsletter. Read more

  • Gregory Daniels

    Gregory Daniels

    Expert Advisor
    (environmental and health and safety law)

    Greg is a specialist environmental and health and safety attorney with more than 10 years of experience. He provides specialist advice and support to clients and is responsible for ensuring that the legal content of the areas that he manages is of the highest quality and for identifying the implications of legislative changes in these areas. Read more

  • Melissa Groenink

    Melissa Groenink

    Expert Advisor
    (environmental and health and safety law)

    Melissa is an environmental and planning law attorney with 6 years’ experience in the field which includes conducting environmental legal compliance audits, and preparing legal registers. She has degrees in both science and law, and is member of the management committee of the Western Cape Branch of the International Association for Impact Assessment (SA). Read more

  • Danjelle Midgley

    Danjelle Midgley

    Client Advisor and legal content

    Danjelle is a dedicated client advisor who is also responsible for monitoring changes in legislation and in drafting updates to the environmental, health and safety information in SpotOn. Danjelle has a master’s degree in environmental law and has been involved in the drafting of legal content for SpotOn since 2013. Read more

  • Jennifer Sharma

    Jennifer Sharma

    Business and customer care manager

    Jennifer is responsible for managing our business processes, including providing quotations, subscription contracts, renewals and accurate record keeping. Her job is also to undertake client enquiries and to ensure that we provide and maintain an exceptional level of customer service. Read more

  • Gaynore Philander

    Gaynore Philander

    Data Capture and updating

    Gaynore is responsible for maintaining the on-line library of legislation by capturing new legislation and incorporating amendments to legislation that is already in the library. Read more

  • Janine Genthe

    Janine Genthe

    Financial Administration

    Janine is responsible for financial administration including subscriptions and other invoicing and payments. Read more

  • Nicholas Spagnoletti

    Nicholas Spagnoletti

    Nicholas is an experienced software developer. He graduated from UCT with an humanities degree in 2000. While studying he worked for his father’s sofware business and began his PHP career by doing the company website. He gained more experience as a web developer at the .com era sports website Sportal before joining Edward full-time at Nitric in 2001. Since then he has worked on hundreds of projects of all sizes. The bulk of work has been in designing and implementing business operations systems for other small-to-medium enterprises. He is also a playwright – look out for his play London Road. Currently developing mostly in Python. Also co-owner of the fabulous Alexander Bar & Café.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SpotOn comply with the latest international standards?

Yes. SpotOn has been designed to meet the requirements of standards such as ISO 14001: 2015 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety). Updated legal compliance requirements are provided for every activity at each location on every site.

Why doesn’t SpotOn look like other compliance management platforms?

SpotOn has been designed by experts to be clear, intuitive and incredibly easy to use. It enables you to access all you need to know from all source documents in one place making complex spreadsheets and huge legal registers obsolete.

Why should we subscribe to SpotOn when money is tight?

SpotOn will reduce your compliance costs and protect you against the very significant financial and reputational risks associated with non-compliance. The annual subscription fee is a fraction of what it would cost a business to keep itself abreast of legislative changes and get compliance advice from expert attorneys and consultants. Subscribers save time and money every year because everyone in the organization can find the answers they need quickly and easily and both internal and external audits can be done faster and cheaper.

What training will we need?

SpotOn is so easy and intuitive to use that most users won’t need any training at all. However we provide free training and support on-line or by telephone and training sessions can be arranged with your advisor.

Can we get advice on what we must do to achieve full compliance?

Your dedicated client advisor will either provide the advice that you need or find an expert who can. Clarification about the content of SpotOn is free but if you need expert guidance about how to solve a specific problem we will give you a quotation.

We don’t have a list of all our organization’s environmental aspects and impacts / health and safety hazards and risks. Can we still subscribe?

Yes. We can conduct a telephone interview to identify the legal requirements that apply to your business. However if you want to comply with standards like ISO14001 or OSHAS 18000 these need to be linked to specific aspect and hazards. Contact us if you would like us to find you a consultant to prepare these registers for you.

If we subscribe to both the environmental and the health and safety modules will they be integrated?

Yes. We can conduct a telephone interview to identify the legal requirements that apply to your business. However if you want to comply with standards like ISO14001 or OSHAS 18000 these need to be linked to specific aspect and hazards. Contact us if you would like us to find you a consultant to prepare these registers for you.

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